Woven willow lampshade

I am drawn to texture, pattern, rhythm and relationship in the world around me. We all have a unique lens through which we view and make sense of our surroundings; my eyes are always picking out the patterns in things, whether it’s a neatly tiled floor or leaves arranged on a branch. I am now working with materials directly from the land, valuing the relationship this gives me with my environment and an appreciation of the process from plant to crafted object.


With over 6 years experience designing lighting and products for interiors, I have often worked directly with clients to create custom designs for their homes, as well as branching out and being involved in a range of sculpture and installation projects, whether in the community, collaborating with other artists, or making artworks for events.

Alongside my current practise I teach basket making as a therapeutic craft at Ruskin Mill College near Stroud, Gloucestershire; a college for young people with special educational and behavioural challenges. There I experience on a daily basis the healing potential of working with natural materials and the power of craft to grow and restore.