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Nature's Architects

A family-friendly trail to discover 20 miniature structures around the streets of Chelsea, organised by the Museum of Architecture. On until the end of September 2022.

'This outdoor exhibition brings to life the relationship between the built and natural environments, and the importance of acting together to preserve the natural world. It explores the role of biomimicry and how plants, animals and other organisms build their homes and create forms.'

Nature's Architects are the insects, animals and other phenomena we find in the natural world. The project explores the different ways these creatures build, and asks how their techniques can help us to be more sustainable and eco-friendly when building for humans.

'Baya Weaver Den explores weaving as a way to create shelter for both humans and animals. Inspired by the South Asian bird who weaves elaborate hanging nests from long strips of grasses and leaves. They use their beaks to strip and collect long strands, which they then weave and knot to build a shaped nest, with a central nesting chamber'

Thought up by architects Madeleine Kessler, Ness Lafoy and Rosie Hervey. We worked in collaboration to design a willow structure that fits into a doorway, inviting the audience to LOOK UP into the interior woven chamber.

It was fun to problem-solve during this commission. I used traditional basketry techniques and adapted them to weave the three elements that would then be fixed together and installed in the doorway. With my background in sculpture, I enjoyed figuring out how to construct 3D forms and create structures that are moving away from functional basketry and into installation, inviting the viewer to experience a public space differently.

To read more and see the 19 other structures produced by leading architects, follow this link...


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