My work explores pattern, repetition, mark-making and surface design. I manipulate paper using cutting and folding methods to create geometric patterns that have depth and texture when lit. My Geometric Paper-Cut shades are made from soft, thin papers that have beautiful qualities under the light. From soft Himalayan Washi paper to bright Japanese Kozo paper, each pattern is cut, scored and ripped to let the light through different sections of the design.


Paper has always been a favourite material of mine due to its versatility and I continue to source new types to experiment with. I love the magic of switching on the lightbulb and seeing the design illuminated.


 My inspiration comes from many sources, but at the core is a love of pattern and designs that work in harmony. Whether its the balance of geometry in nature, a traditional Japanese textile or the tessellating pattern used in Islamic architecture, my eyes are drawn to the decorative elements of our world. 

© 2016 by Tess Wakeling