My work explores pattern, repetition, mark-making and surface design. I manipulate paper with the aim of creating patterns that have depth and texture when lit. These Geometric Paper-Cut shades are made from soft, thin papers that have a luminous quality under the light. From soft Himalayan Washi paper to bright Japanese Kozo paper, each pattern is cut, scored and ripped to let the light through different sections of the design. 

Lampshade custom orders

If you would like 

I take orders for my single colour paper lampshades in a choice of 4 geometric patterns.

All of these designs can be made in any single colour. If you wish I can post you a sample book of paper colours. (send address)

 Guide to prices below:

 Diameter   Height (shallow to tall)    Price


25cm         21cm/ 25cm                    £62- £78

30cm         21cm/ 30cm                    £70 - £88

35cm         23cm/ 33cm                    £80- £100

40cm         23cm/ 38cm                    £90- £125

45cm         26cm/ 38cm                    £105- £145



 I have given here two choices for height measurements, as I find that these proportions work well for either a shallow or tall shade, but equally you could go for something in between or much different (i.e. a long cylinder) its really up to you and the requirements for your space. A good idea would be to cut out some cardboard or paper and hold it up, bear in mind eye height when sat down; do you want your eyes to be shaded from the bare bulb?


All prices here include UK delivery, and a cotton-stitched seam (this can be either blending in or a contrasting colour)

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