'Windmills' - Installation in Paper, 2010

Paper sculpture inspired by sacred geometry. Each repeating shape is made in proportion according to the Fibonacci sequence. Exploring growth, the natural world, and how certain forms appear balanced to the human eye.

White cartridge paper, clear nylon thread.

'Willow and Ash 'Pods'
Rhod rural artspace, Melin Glonc, Carmarthenshire, 2011

Installation suspended in the trees, willow soaked in the stream and woven on site. Born out of an idea to create cocoon-like forms that would seem at home in the natural environment. 

Laminated English Ash, carved Oak bases and Willow.

Artists' Assistant for Pipilotti Rist, 
Bruton, Somerset, 2013

Mercy Garden, Pipilotti Rist at Hauser and Wirth Somerset, 2014

In the summer of 2013 I worked as Pipilotti Rist's assistant. Rist exhibits internationally and is well loved for her large scale immersive video installations, featuring imagery drenched in colour and exploring themes around nature, the body, gender and sexuality.


During her year's sabbatical in Bruton, Somerset, during which time the Hauser and Wirth gallery was opening, I worked with Pipilotti on a number of projects, building installations and shooting new film.

'Mary Up Down' 

Installation in the Durslade Farmhouse, 2013

Glass bottles and found objects excavated on the land from a victorian rubbish dump were hung from copper wire to create a 'chandelier'. We then projected footage shot in the area onto the piece, creating shadows, reflections and immersive colours. The mouth you can see in the film is me blowing bubbles underwater.

'Hiplights' (2011)

Installed here at Hauser and Wirth Somerset for the 2013 solo show 'Stay Stamina Stay'


I helped sew 250 pairs of underpants onto LED lights which adorned the farmyard like a huge, celebratory washing line.

My tongue on the poster for Pipilotti's solo show in China, 2013

Footage shot in local Somerset gardens projected for an event in Switzerland

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